How ChatGPT by OpenAI will transform the future of marketing

No matter how many sci-fi films we’ve watched, or dire warnings from Elon Musk we’ve heard about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we were not really prepared for just how good, and popular, the launch of AI-messaging platform ChatGPT by OpenAI proved to be.

PR For Startups

Startups face massive challenges from day one. Starting on the momentous journey to achieve a founder’s vision, they normally lack at least one of these three key factors: time, money and the ability to raise their heads above the intense, daily marathon of building a business.

Seven Reasons Why You Need a PR Strategy

No matter the size of your company a solid PR strategy adds value. However, if you’re a startup or scaleup and you’re looking to start a PR campaign, you’ll encounter obstacles. There is competition for attention. Simply sending out press releases and expecting coverage does not work. You can’t just switch PR on and off like a light bulb. You need a PR strategy with the short, medium and long term in mind.