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Working as Global Marketing Director at Inmarsat. Jane Henry took on the role of transforming the way the FTSE 250 business approached video content. Creating content for Volvo Ocean Race, Redbull and the release of Global Xpress satellite network. Jane launched Inmarsat to the FTSE 100 within x years of joining.

Transforming the Use of Video at Inmarsat

Inmarsat is a hi-tech company that works with partners to send satellites into space to deliver the reliable, global communications services businesses need – on land, at sea and in the air.  When Marylebone co-founder, Jane Henry, joined Inmarsat in 2013, it had no video strategy and its presence on YouTube was minimal and disorganised. By bringing expert video-expertise in-house, with a talented and dedicated video producer, Jane and her team transformed Inmarsat’s video strategy to put it at the heart of its digital marketing transformation.


Inmarsat is a complex company, with Government, Enterprise, Maritime and Aviation businesses, whose services stretch across the globe. Inmarsat marketing  works in 9 official languages to ensure that its local partners and customers have access to the right marketing materials in the right languages. So how to deliver high-quality, yet cost-effective video that communicates the hi-tech and exciting nature of Inmarsat’s business? A two-prong video strategy was created: investment in video for corporate initiatives – such as Global Xpress and sponsorship of the Volvo Ocean Race – which could be edited, translated and tailored for use by each of the business units and secondly: faster turnaround video of Inmarsat events, news and initiatives.  Together, the two strands created a compelling video strategy that tells the fascinating story of Inmarsat’s business and its people. 

Global Xpress – Global Campaign

The Global Xpress network is a US$1.6 billion programme commitment by Inmarsat to provide seamless, high-speed broadband connectivity all around the world. Jane and her team briefed Havas to come up with a concept that could work for all four business units, as well as corporately; that would work in English as well as eight other languages and that would communicate how this new constellation could be used on land, at sea and in the air. Global Xpress – Changing the Future for Us All was the result. A corporate video – full length, short and feature versions, plus versions for Government, Enterprise, Maritime and Aviation available in nine languages. The videos were used at corporate events, launches and sales presentations. Additionally, the launches of F2 and F3 satellites were streamed live on Inmarsat’s revamped YouTube channel.

Volvo Ocean Race Highlights

The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the most extreme sporting events in the world – taking 9 boats, 45,000nm around the world over eight months.  The only way that the boats and crew can communicate back to shore from the most inaccessible spots on earth is via Inmarsat’s global satellite system.  Inmarsat sponsored the OnBoard Reporter Awards to highlight its role in the delivery of real-time action video, blogs and, most importantly, safety information and communication back to the millions of fans waiting for news from their favourite teams.  You can find a selection of fast-racing, high-impact videos produced by the team that tell the story of Inmarsat’s involvement with the race on Inmarsat’s Volvo Ocean Race Youtube playlist.

SpaceBytes – Inmarsat Video Series

There is no topic which fascinates people more than space. From space travel to using satellites in space to communicate, we stand in awe on earth about the endless possibilities of the universe.  Inmarsat is at the forefront of satellite communications, launching some of the most advance technology into the atmosphere with the help of its partners, from SpaceX to ILS. To highlight Inmarsat’s expertise in this area, a series of short, informational, but fascinating video features was created under the banner SpaceBytes to provide answers to the many questions people  have about the company, the technology and, importantly about the people who make it all happen.  You can take a look at the Inmarsat SpaceBytes series here.

Dakar Rally – Inmarsat w/Redbull

As a company with a fantastic heritage and reputation, Inmarsat has the opportunity to work with a number of exciting partners.  Red Bull is just one of them, and this video was produced to promote, not only the partnership with Red Bull, but also the concept and implementation of mobile journalism which Inmarsat helps facilitate with major news organisations such as  BBC, CNN and Sky News.

Year of Tranformation 

Inmarsat achieves so much during one year, that Jane felt it was important to mark that with an end of year video. Great for use on social media, in presentations and to remind the whole global team just what they achieved – a great morale booster.  Could your company benefit from an end-of-year video round-up?

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