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‘Reinventing The Northern Economy’ Event – Industry 4.0

Marylebone – Difference Marketing client Hampleton Partners, the international technology M&A advisory firm is co-hosting an event on the role of advanced materials: how these will allow manufacturers to make leaps in productivity, efficiency and competitiveness and the impact they will have on the Sheffield City Region’s future as a world centre for materials innovation and technology.

The event, titled The Future for Advanced Materials in Manufacturing – What 2018 holds for Sheffield City Region as a world centre for innovation and application is the second in the `Reinventing the Northern Economy` series being held to generate discussion, action and partnerships around the theme of Industry 4.0.

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Can your HR Stack help you win the War for Talent?

Data…. We are all now part of the data revolution, whether working in Marketing, Sales or Management; dashboards have become a crucial part of all our workflows. But what about HR, where managing employee’s feelings and sentiment about the company; cohort analysis and reducing staff turnover are major challenges for HR professionals?

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