PR and Corporate Communications

PR and Corporate Communications

How Marylebone makes the difference to your PR and Corporate Communications

Every company and brand should have a clearly articulated and well-understood story that resonates with media, internal and external stakeholders and customers.

PR has changed a whole lot since the days of the simple Press Release. Luckily, our team not only has an incredible 20-year track record in helping craft the stories that make companies and brands famous, it has also embraced the digital, video, social media and content strategies essential to communicating that story in a truly relevant and engaging way.

Storytelling & Content Strategy

We go beyond the product or service on offer to find the exceptional people at the core of every company – the experts and personalities who can bring your business, product or service to life in the minds of your target audiences.

We craft the stories that will help make your company distinctive, known and loved.

Media Relations

Understanding the media, monitoring the news agenda for opportunities and building relationships with the right journalists helps us build your brand’s profile.