How can Marylebone make the difference to your eCommerce ambitions?

The development of eCommerce and Marketplace technology platforms allows even small, local businesses to have a major, global impact.

Marylebone offers a range of eCommerce strategy, implementation and support services:

Design & Build



Design and build of a core global eCommerce site, plus localised sites for your core markets where needed, following data-informed decisions about your highest potential growth markets.

Our team are Shopify specialists and can create an incredible brand experience and shopping journey for your customers.


Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) 

loyalty-iconsGetting a new customer isn’t enough, it is just the beginning of the story.  We take the time to understand your business; your existing and your future customers.  Mapping and planning your Customer Lifecycle Management helps understand the development of the customer journey – how to engage and re-engage; up-sell and cross-sell to maximise the lifetime value of the customer and ensure their satisfaction.

 Marylebone uses Email, Loyalty and Affiliate Marketing  techniques to manage your eCommerce customer journeys  and improve your online store performance.

Analytics, Marketplace Development and Future




Marylebone is here to help you analyse the eCommerce and Marketplace opportunity – helping you decide which Marketplace will be most effective for your brand.  We’ll measure, analyse and supercharge your online sales performance.