Remoto – Connected Car Platform

We are excited to be collaborating with the team over at Remoto. Remoto is the creator of a market-leading AI-first turnkey connected car platform software that is used globally by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), NSC (National Sales Companies) and large dealership groups.

The Brief

Remoto came to us with a challenge. Help it to generate interesting blog posts to raise awareness of its world-leading technology and global vision. Using Remoto’s expertise in automotive technology and AI combined with Marylebone’s expertise in unlocking the power of content marketing, together we are delivering valuable content that’s working hard.

Megacity Transport: Can car-sharing help cities like Bangkok keep people on the move?

As the world’s population grows and people swarm overwhelmingly to cities to earn a living and enjoy cultural, entertainment and other benefits, one aspect of city lifestyle offers constant challenges — transportation.

According to Our World in Data the global urban population overtook the rural population in 2007 and has continued to increase rapidly, whilst rural population has grown only marginally. 2016 estimates place four billion people in urban areas and 3.4 billion in the rural. In fact, this trend is so advanced that the world now has nearly 50 so-called ‘megacities’ — cities with a population of more than 10 million.

How autotech will shape our future smart cities

As our cities become smart cities, creating the efficient, interconnected, data-driven hubs that we hope will deliver the improved quality of life we’re all looking for, many different industries are going to be disrupted by technology innovation.

From the homes we live in, to the way we power our society, everything is going to change. And it’s likely that one of the most immediate and far-reaching changes will be in the automotive and transport sectors which we all rely on every day. After all, efficient transport management has to be the core of every successful smart city concept.

Why is South Africa the golden opportunity for automotive market innovation?

More than 60,000 car fanatics celebrated all things automotive at this year’s South African Festival of Motoring, held at the famous Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand, Johannesburg over the weekend, 31 August — 2 September. As well as new car launches, supercars on track and the latest designs on display, many fans were keen to see the range of interactive technologies in action, designed to improve the driver experience, as well as the way cars, are bought and sold throughout the African market.