Sales Confidence – Inspiring SaaS Sales Leaders

SalesConfidence was one of our first clients here at Marylebone – Difference Marketing.

Founder and all-round sales guru, James Ski, asked us to help him launch and build his unique and influential community of SaaS Founders and Sales Leaders. These are the people helping to build and grow the UK’s fast-growing digital economy.  SalesConfidence also aims to inspire the ‘Next Generation of SaaS Sales Leaders’ who want to develop their skills and network with the best in the business.




We developed the SalesConfidence marketing plan; positioning and messaging and worked closely with James on his digital footprint, building out the framework for his social media channels; email marketing and MVP website and events strategy.

SalesConfidence Results: 

Within three months, we have:

  1. Recruited 5% of London’s SaaS sales professionals to the SalesConfidence cause. All organic growth, no paid advertising.
  2. Built out functional newsletter templates for SalesConfidence using MailChimp.
  3. Grown the SalesConfidence Facebook and Twitter Pages dramatically, from square one.
  4. Redesigned the SalesConfidence Minimal Viable Proposition (MVP) website.
  5. Helped organise and promote SalesConfidence’s successful launch event in September 2017, attended by 70 of the best Founders and SaaS sales leaders in London.


Marylebone tackles marketing issues large or small. Whether it is:

  • Marketing Space X rockets into space 🚀
  • Marketing the launch of the mobile phone 📱
  • Quadrupling a startups valuation 🦄
  • Launching TV stations across EMEA 📺
  • Getting your social media back on track
  • Brainstorming the pivot on your content strategy

The breadth and depth of our experience means the Marylebone team can handle pretty much anything. As a result, we can help you scale rapidly, deliver on strategic plans and collaborate with you on specific projects.

If you want to find out more, add your details and one of our team will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

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