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Founder and all-round sales guru, James Ski, asked Marylebone to help him launch and build his unique and influential community of SaaS Founders and Sales Leaders. Starting as a simple blog, Sales Confidence has evolved into a membership website; a powerful newsletter; engaging social channels and a series of highly successful B2B SaaS Sales networking events where #SalesLeaders from companies such as Uber, Salesforce, GoCardless and Peakon present.  With SaaS companies at the heart of the digital economy, these are the leaders who are helping drive the UK’s growth.

Day to Day

Marylebone works fast and delivers results. It's as simple as that. I highly recommend using Marylebone, if you're looking for a social, email, pr and content marketing agency.

James Ski

Founder at Sales Confidence


Sales Confidence is the fastest-growing SaaS Sales Community in the UK. Marylebone has helped create extremely successful events, featuring some of the biggest names in SaaS and digital technology.  Each event is meticulously planned and designed to generate fantastic networking and learning opportunities for people on the night, but also amazing social and video content and opportunities to tap into the Sales Confidence Skills Series after the events.

Social Media

As part of our collaboration, Marylebone developed Sales Confidence’s social media presence from zero, developing a platform to launch and build James Ski’s new sales community brand. With a successful social media launch, James has now successfully secured sponsorship for the next phase in Sales Confidence’s development, allowing him to monetise the brand.


Our team created the Sales Confidence Top 50 SaaS Sales Leaders competition. Which has now become a feature of the London SaaS sales calendar.


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