Portabl Insurtech Startup

What is Portabl

Portabl was created to build a new, global community of people who relish the freedom and variety that the new working world offers, but who don’t want to have their health or wealth compromised by leaving behind the financial and benefits support systems of the traditional corporate world.

Portabl is going to tap into the massive pool of talented men and women who are consulting, self-employed, freelance or gig economy workers who need insurance and benefits that are fit for purpose for this new world of work.

The Brief

We are helping the team build awareness about what the startup does and how freelancers, gig economy workers and how companies will benefit from using the service.  Marylebone aims to leverage the relationships Portabl has with both TechStars Metlife Accelerator & Plug & Play Tech Centre, which have both chosen Portabl to join cohorts.

Our team are looking to build out the social media and executive profiles of the founder Mike Minett, alongside key Portabl team members. Pitching their expertise into journalists as subject matter experts.

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