Since 2012 Bright Box, Member of Zurich, has been implementing Сonnected Сar services to develop a cloud-based Connected Car Platform. Bright Box aims to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), national sales companies (NSCs), dealership networks, and car sharing companies with groundbreaking Сonnected Сar solutions.

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The Potential For Connected Cars in Asia

Governments, businesses and consumers across Asia are preparing themselves for the advent of connected cars. Asia is at the forefront of many technological advances today; connected cars will be no different.

What Makes Turkey The New Growth Area In Motor Manufacturing?

The next global centre of car production is not where you may think. It’s not in the Far East or Latin America; it’s where East meets West, Turkey. Automobile production in Turkey is at record figures.

How Digital Automotive Innovations Are Benefiting Car Users

The way we interact with our cars is evolving quickly. The world is becoming a smarter, more connected place. From our work to our homes, every touchpoint will be being influenced by wifi, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth.


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