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Alex Gash – Founder

Alex Gash

Founder at Marylebone Marketing

Digital Marketing Expert

I love a challenge. I have a passion for learning. I enjoy getting clients the high impact results that they and I aspire to.

Digital marketing is fascinating, complex and beautiful. It can also be a challenge. Platforms come and go, trends shift. It is a lot to keep up with.

I spend my days creating social media campaigns, developing high impact landing pages. Or helping clients understand how to utilise technology better to exceed their goals.

My background is varied. Collaborating with companies like LinkedIn, Ometria, Pocket App and Nice Agency. Also, as a digital marketing manager for a ski travel company.

My biggest passion in life is surfing and my life-long goal is to move to North Shore of Oahu before I am 50.

Areas of Expertise

Content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, digital project delivery, paid campaigns, mobile app marketing, growth hacking, email marketing, SEO & eCommerce