Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram is the ‘new’ cool in social media, everyone is talking about it and if you’re not on it perhaps you should be?

Here at Marylebone, we analyse what the opportunity is for your brand on Instagram. We know that Instagram is great for B2C brands, but we also know that it can be an effective platform for B2B companies too.  You can showcase your company culture and people, talk about your successes and how you’ve overcome issues. Plus reach influencers and expand your network. It can also be a great recruitment tool for tech-savvy and socially engaged millennials who are looking for social proof of company culture before signing-up. 

Instagram offers the ultimate visual insight into your company. Use it to tell the story of how your business started – those early photos will come in handy. Profile the people behind the scenes that make your products or deliver your services. Post surprising and creative product photos that link to your   eCommerce site. Before you know it, you’ll win over the Instagram generation.

Insta Tips 

Tag images

Tag places 

Tag your champions

Reward your champions 

Build a community

Be disruptive

Create meaningful stories

Use Instagram advertising 

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