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Collaborating closely with your marketing and PR teams, as well as your subject matter experts, we identify and align your objectives to deliver a creative strategy that generates results. We build and develop your social media profile, engage your community and deliver your social marketing objectives.


We know how important it is to integrate your company’s social media presence with the rest of your communications and marketing campaigns.  We generate content and creative, distribute it onto the right social media channels for your product or service and optimise results in real-time and in sync with your PR and marketing calendar.

Cross Platform

What are the right platforms to reach your audience? Every client requires a different approach and a customised channel strategy. With our experience on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit and whether you are looking for a paid or organic approach to your social media marketing, we can deliver social media marketing results.


Instagram is the ‘new’ cool in social media, everyone is talking about it and if you’re not on it perhaps you should be?

Here at Marylebone, we analyse what the opportunity is for your brand on Instagram. We know that Instagram is great for B2C brands, but we also know that it can be an effective platform for B2B companies too.  You can showcase your company culture and people, talk about your successes and how you’ve overcome issues. Plus reach influencers and expand your network. It can also be a great recruitment tool for tech-savvy and socially engaged millennials who are looking for social proof of company culture before signing-up. 

Instagram offers the ultimate visual insight into your company. Use it to tell the story of how your business started – those early photos will come in handy. Profile the people behind the scenes that make your products or deliver your services. Post surprising and creative product photos that link to your   eCommerce site. Before you know it, you’ll win over the Instagram generation.

Insta-nt Tips 

Tag images

Tag places 

Tag your champions

Reward your champions 

Build a community

Be disruptive

Create meaningful stories

Use Instagram advertising 



Facebook is kind of a big deal. Did you know 2.24bn people use Facebook 😲. Need we say more? Well yes, the truth is that you need to find and build your audience which can be difficult. With the number of groups, pages, hashtags, videos, photos, stories and advertising options available, Facebook marketing can seem like a massive burden. Luckily we are here to help you on your journey.

The average person spends 58mins on Facebookon everyday! I know crazy right. So, no matter what you are selling or whether you are in B2B, B2C or B2B2C, it’s vital that you control your company’s presence on Facebook. Because if you don’t Facebook does it for you, and nobody wants that! 

Facebook Tips

Post regularly 

Vary content using strong visuals & video

Get involved in groups 

Reward your community

Build brand equity

Use Facebook advertising




335 million people use Twitter and although that’s a smaller number than Facebook & Instagram it is a key channel for both B2B and B2C social media marketing. 

Businesses like Twitter because it is a great way to share meaningful content and potentially get into a conversation with existing and new customers and influencers. At Marylebone, we understand how to give your content a boost so it will last longer on feeds, helping you build momentum and brand awareness.

 The Twittersphere is fantastic for keeping up-to-date with the trends and conversation about your sector that are emerging locally, nationally and internationally. 

Twitter Tips

Post multiple times daily

Create strong visuals and video assets

Tag companies in images

Follow trends



570 million professionals are on LinkedIn. Anyone in business, from a recent graduate to a CEO, needs to have a professional LinkedIn profile that delivers great new contacts and potential leads. It also needs to accurately portray your personal brand.   

Marylebone creates and manages your company’s corporate LinkedIn strategy, as well as the personal profiles of senior executives. We help promote your company’s news and successes,  building credibility and reputation amongst an expanding network. 

We keep on top of new LinkedIn tools and advertising techniques to maximise your company’s organic and paid lead conversions.  

LinkedIn Tips

Post daily

Use photography & video assets

Use Showcase Pages on your corporate LinkedIn page

Create an approved company description for everyone to use

Ensure your CX-level team’s personal profiles are tip top

Tag companies and people


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