Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing is a great way to keep customers, leads and partners in the loop with what is going on within your business.  At Marylebone, we firmly believe your email marketing should be a core part of your online presence, whether your in eCommerce, B2B or are a charity and we’d love to help.

If you have a fantastic story if you are innovating or have an extremely loyal following email marketing can dramatically boost your brand awareness and can give you a competitive edge. 

Not only does it drive sales, visits and bookings from new and existing customers it’s a great way to reinforce your brand and build awareness of your business.


We use industry-leading email marketing software to offer a full service to our clients. We can take care of the email campaign design, set up your email campaign and ensure your list data is GDPR compliant.

Lists / Subscribers

An email marketing campaign is nothing without a well-maintained list of opted-in contacts to send to. It’s essential that all of your data is organic and has opted in, we will not deal with any 3rd party, bought data. Don’t have that data? Don’t worry.

We’re experts at lead generation, meaning we can help you to build a database of contacts that will respond positively to your marketing campaigns. Not only will this make your email marketing more effective, but it will help you keep your database GDPR and compliant ahead of the legislation change in 2018.

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