Our Marketing Services


Here at Marylebone we love getting involved in new projects. Discovering, learning and engaging with people is what gets us out of bed in the morning; that and a hot cup of coffee. We are passionate about you and everything your stakeholders stand for. Our team of communications specialists understand how to craft a good story or two or three whether your a startup, scaleup or grown-up!

We help you unlock the untold potential of your brand

Public Relations

We love the public and they should love you too. Whether you’re Elon Musk and need someone to sense check your tweets to avoid a PR disaster or want someone to write the press release about your big new announcement. Marylebone is on hand to craft, develop and nurture your personal and brand story.

Digital Marketing

Hang on a second, lemme take a selfie. Digital marketing at Marylebone is all about your customers’ lifecycle (CLV – Customer Lifetime Value) we help your brand, keep in touch with the customer on all the different touchpoints that matter to them. 

Whether your customers are B2B, B2C or B2B2C. Our team will focus on how to make you successful. Together we will map the digital journey, optimise existing channels, innovate with technology and deliver proven results. We provide a full stack digital marketing service to give you peace of mind and help you deliver a better customer journey.

No matter whether they are a lead, a champion, a team member, a shareholder, a customer. Everyone matters. 

About Marylebone

Marylebone was co-founded by Jane Henry and Alex Gash  to provide a strategic marketing and communications agency with a hands-on and agile approach.  With a love of marketing, tech and entrepreneurship at the heart of everything we do, Marylebone offers bespoke marketing, communications, sponsorship and technology services that deliver results.

We may be based in Marylebone Village in the heart of London, but our expertise, reach and results extend globally. The Marylebone difference is our passion and years of experience working on FTSE and NYSE companies, as well as consumer brands, startups and international sponsorship projects.