Are you are looking to build an eCommerce site? Looking to scale your existing site or need help re-platforming so that your site is easier to manage? Marylebone is here to help.

With experience in data, marketing and portraying a story. We are experts at developing the messaging, technical deployment, customer journey and planning for your new eCommerce store or helping you power-up your current offering.  

eCommerce Frameworks

We use third party technologies to help you manage your business. Custom-builds are expensive and time-consuming and unnecessary for the majority of clients. At Marylebone, we don’t specialise in one tool suite, we work with a range of solutions that get you selling to your target audiences around the world quickly, then refine and adapt as your business evolves and grows. 

Automation and Scaleable Tools

Using cost-effective plug-ins that provide extremely powerful add-ons to help power your eCommerce offering, we’ll boost your eCommerce site performance with automation and scaleable tools. Plug-ins can help manage your data, shipping, CRM, payments and currency solutions.  Enabling you to expand rapidly, into new territories or new product areas and boosting your online effectiveness drastically. 

It’s possible to manage a $100 million eCommerce business with just 10 people. See our recent blog post on Zaggora here.

Account & Project Management

With a number of e-commerce projects under our belt, we understand the requirements of our clients and work to fit your needs and budgets. Working with you on everything from branding, messaging and tool suites to fit your business and your customers’ needs.

Passionate About Data and focused on Customer Lifecycle Marketing (CLM)

Getting a new customer isn’t enough, it is just the beginning of the story.  We take the time to understand your business; your existing and your future customers.  Mapping and planning your Customer Lifecycle Marketing helps understand the development of the customer journey – how to engage and re-engage; up-sell and cross-sell to maximise the lifetime value of the customer and ensure their satisfaction.

Marylebone uses Email, Loyalty and Affiliate Marketing techniques to manage your eCommerce customer journeys  and improve your online store performance.

Strategic Approach

Building a cohesive strategy with your current and future needs in mind, is a core part of our thinking here at Marylebone. We build a coherent messaging and communications strategy and base the site on this vision and understand your competitive landscape. Taking the pain out of coding, marketing and updating content means you can have a scaleable eCommerce solution up and running quickly and cost-effectively.   

Here are four core ways we collaborate on eCommerce projects:

  1. Full Suite Marketing and eCommerce Management – We deliver and help manage your business’ eCommerce and marketing. You get access to some of the most experienced marketing, eCommerce and technical specialists to bring your idea and brand to life online; create a design language and tone of voice; develop and implement social media and digital marketing strategies to build your business. Our full-service offering comes with technical implementation; Customer Lifecycle Marketing, SEO and product strategy. For smaller brands that need help getting off the ground, we offer a payment + equity or profit share scheme, as we like to be invested at this stage in the right projects.  
  2. eCommerce Studio Management – We support your overstretched eCommerce team and existing technology stack, or provide a fully outsourced eCommerce studio team to manage your store and provide you with the metrics and analytics on customers and sales, plus consultancy on how to continually improve your eCommerce results.  
  3. eCommerce Marketing Management – We support your in-house marketing team with whatever they need to drive brand awareness, engagement and sales.  From content creation; photography; influencer marketing or social media and digital campaigns or live events, we can offer new ideas, develop plans or simply help implement the existing marketing plan.  
  4. One-Off Projects – What is it that you need to achieve? Our flexible, bespoke and agile approach can deliver on one-off eCommerce projects that get results. 

Lets collaborate!

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