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How is Business like Boxing?

What does it take to get into the ring? For a boxer or a business person, it’s surprising how the preparation, skills and mental toughness required are the very skills needed to help achieve knock out success.

That’s what I learnt from the renowned sport and exercise psychologist, Professor Andy Lane who took us through the psychology of boxers, the various methods to build mental toughness and emotional control and how he includes these techniques when training top athletes and boxers.

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The Importance of Dreaming

Dreaming is what any entrepreneur does on a daily basis. Dreaming is what gets you up in the morning. Dreaming of what you’re aiming to achieve gets you through the pain of being an entrepreneur. I have recently co-founded Marylebone Difference Marketing and I love helping clients achieve their dreams. It is one of the most rewarding parts of the job as an agency founder.

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How Dylan Jones Got to Grips with David Bowie – A Life

Marketing and PR is often about reinvention. Of brands, of individuals or even, of whole companies. David Bowie was the master of reinvention, and last night at September’s The Media Society event at The Groucho Club, London, we listened to GQ Editor and celebrated ‘man about town’, Dylan Jones, describe how he delved further into Bowie’s life than perhaps any other biographer, with an impressive 180 interviewees for David Bowie A Life.

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How to Go From Bootstrap to $40million in 18 months – Zaggora

CEO Malcolm Bell reveals all at Forward Partners event in Shoreditch

Gathered in a presentation room at The Trampery – Shoreditch’s first startup workspace – during the dog days of August, things were getting ‘hot’. In fact, we were all gathered on this Summer evening at a Forward Partners event to hear how Malcolm Bell and his wife Dessi, created the ultimate in hot startups – Zaggora.

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Jimmy Wales on how WikiTribune is countering #FakeNews

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on his new venture, WikiTribune, which aims to combat #FakeNews and the electorate’s growing mistrust of the media.This new platform brings journalists and reader communities together with a subscription model to fight undue influence from advertisers and clients. Marylebone – Difference Marketing was there and reports back with no ‘alt facts’!

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