Author: Alex Gash

Traditionally, financial companies are rarely thought of as cool or trailblazing. Their marketing campaigns usually promote how reliable they are. Dull but dependable. Fintech companies emerged to take on the big names in finance, to show how things could be

With Facebook announcing this week that it is merging its messaging services for Instagram, WhatsApp Inc. and Facebook Messenger, the future of privacy online is coming into ever-sharper focus. So what are the alternatives, if you want to keep out

Startups face massive challenges from day one.  Starting on the momentous journey to achieve a founder’s vision, it’s exciting to keep focused on the big, disruptive dream and the innovative technology that’s going to get you there. But the reality

Imagine a company that has 1 billion users across the world, but you don’t know their name. Imagine a company worth $75 billion, more valuable than Uber, but you wouldn’t be able to recognise their logo. You're Imagining ByteDance ByteDance Logo This Chinese

We are all busy. We all have a lot to get done in a day. For small marketing and PR teams, blog writing and content generation is difficult when there are so many internal and external deadlines to meet. In this

VCs who share their insights on a regular basis are somewhat rare. But those who do are precious resources for us entrepreneurs. In this blog post, I am going to recommend some of the most influential voices in the world

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