A Guide To Creating Engaging Content Online

What proportion of online written content would you consider dreary, dull & draining to read? Quite a lot I would imagine. Seeming as the entire purpose of writing online content is to engage the reader it is surprising how little is actually engaging. Here are a few tips and tricks not only to make your content more readable but also more read generally.

When looking to create meaningful content, remember to adapt the blog design and content to the demographic or industry you are focused on. This may seem obvious but there is no harm in reminding yourself regularly that you are writing for a specific audience and to tailor your content accordingly in order to build a rapport.

What Blogging Platform to use

To even get the chance to build this rapport you need to get people to view your writing in the first place. Creation of content has changed somewhat since the days when everyone used Google’s Blogger. Distribution can often be a challenge because we have so many different platforms to post on. The ever-changing nature of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes it more difficult to create content that can actually be found. Planning out your keywords are crucial to making sure your content can be found by search engines.

The variety of platforms all have their pros and cons. When using Medium, for example, you might not get the desired reach because users have to sign up before they can read what you have written. On the other hand Medium does have a large intellectually curious signed up readership.

At Marylebone, we use WordPress. This is because we can control the look and feel and it is easy to manage the contents of our blog.

Here are some of the most popular sites: 






Blogger by Google



Making Your Blog Interesting

What can you do to make your blog more engaging?


I am a big fan of GIFs! They help to bring personality to your content, make your brand appealing to your audience (if younger) and build a connection with the user. Use sparingly though! If you do use them, only have one per blog as they can distract from your core messaging and risk making your seem childish.


Video is the most engaging modern content medium in a content marketer’s arsenal. Brands often forget about the videos they have on Vimeo or YouTube. They sit on their channel collecting dust like a bunch of old books. Use them! Add iFrames to your content. These are snippets of code that connect media to your blog without having to host them on your site. 

Social Embeds and Follows

Social embeds help you build traffic on your social channels and build awareness about the specific type of content you are talking about. They can also relate back to the content you are mentioning in your articles or blog posts. You can also use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Medium APIs to connect relevant social posts the content to your articles.

Push Notifications

In recent years technologies like Push Crew (a high performer for 2019 on G2 Crowd) has meant that companies can send out targeted messages to website visitors. These are great because you can alert customers to new pieces of content, great offers on pricing and build credibility as your brand comes up time and again with alerts. I recommend using these notifications sparingly as they can become annoying. 


These are small digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion. They are fun and can be used anywhere to help make a post or a paragraph more dramatic. 

⚠️ Usage can become addictive 💉

You can use a handy shortcuts to access emojis
Mac – keyboard shortcut Command – Control – Spacebar
Windows –

  1. Open the Touch Keyboard. Click on the Touch Keyboard icon in the bottom right corner of your screen: …
  2. Click on the smiley face emoji icon. One the keyboard window has opened up, click on the smiley face icon next to the Control button.
  3. Choose your emoji 🥰

Spruce Up Your Content (When Appropriate)

Do not be afraid to use your idiosyncratic style or personal background as a great resource to add to your content. A lot of content online is stuffy, copy and paste and a bit dull. The reader does not need to be forever invested in you as a person but there is no downside in building a rapport and affinity between you. Remember if your content makes someone smile or laugh, they are more likely to buy from you. 

Whether you add a sparkle to your content with Video, GIFs, emojis, social embeds, or increase traction with push notifications. Your blog identity should be unique and personalised to you.

Happy Writing! ✍️
If you need help creating content get in touch here!

Digital marketing is fascinating, complex and beautiful. It can also be a challenge. Platforms come and go, trends shift. It is a lot to keep up with. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I look forward to collaborating soon.


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