Why B2B Review Sites Are Key To B2B Business Success

When it comes to researching the right products to buy, the internet can be a confusing place. When you see a brand’s advertisements online, you only get one side of the story. There are many sites to find customer reviews, but we hear so much about brands’ competitors leaving negative reviews to skew public perception. Besides, people often only leave online reviews when they want to complain about something.

In B2B, this problem is accentuated because purchasing costs tend to be higher than in B2C. Also, when you purchase an inferior business product, it can have dire consequences for your company. It’s essential that you make the right decision first time!

What can you do? There is a select group of companies striving to get online customer reviews right. These companies are using radical methods to make sure the reviews they display are accurate and trustworthy. Meanwhile, B2B brands are reaching out to happy customers to encourage them to leave reviews, in an attempt to rank higher on algorithms to secure more business contracts.  .

Are you taking advantage of the opportunities available to boost your traffic and sales through review sites? Here are four leading customer review sites you need to be investing in:


Is the leading review site for the B2B Software industry. On G2Crowd, you can find more than 600,000 reviews from validated users, ready to help you make a more informed decision.

G2Crowd goes to great lengths to make its reviews as trustworthy as possible. Reviewers must be verified before they can leave their evaluation. Reviewers are prompted to answer questions, such as what they like about the product, what they don’t like, as well as what they would advise new users to do to get the best from their purchase.

All reviews are collated to give every piece of software a Net Promoter Score. G2Crowd uses these scores to display a league table for each category. For example, if you were looking for sales enablement software, G2Crowd will show you the top performers, which you can then compare on a deeper level.


Clutch is a customer review site for service providers. If you are looking to take on an advertising agency or an IT service provider, for example, Clutch can help you find the right one. Clutch can show you reviews for more than 7,000 agencies across more than 500 categories.

Where Clutch is different is in how it ensures the validity and depth of its reviews. Clutch’s team will interview reviewers for between 10 and 20 minutes and ask them about their experience with the service provider. They will record and transcribe the talk to ensure transparency. Then, they will take the most relevant parts from the interview and display them as reviews on the site.

For this reason, when you use Clutch, you can be sure the reviews you see are as accurate as possible. Businesses performing well on Clutch can be sure of their credibility in their sector.

Google My Business

Google gives business owners the opportunity to create a business profile in Google My Business. Then, when someone searches for that business on Google, the search results will show their full details, such as address, phone number and customer reviews.

Businesses, especially ones that thrive on local custom, such as restaurants and hairdressers, can manage their entire brand on Google. Customer reviews are essential because the better the rating, the higher they will appear in Google’s search rankings. They will also show up in Google Maps.


Trustpilot is one of the biggest names in the customer review industry. Primarily for consumer products, there are more than 56 million reviews or more than 265,000 businesses on the site. Trustpilot’s 5-star rating symbol is loudly publicised in advertising by brands who receive it.

Why are reviews important for B2B companies?

When the system works, customer reviews create a virtuous cycle between brands and their customers. Review sites bring brands and customers together, customers share their views and brands use that feedback to create better customer experiences. Then, the cycle continues.

For business owners, displaying your company on these sites can be a beneficial opportunity. They are a way to show potential customers that you have nothing to hide. An excellent rating on a relevant review site can lead to:
• Leads

• Sales

• Awareness

• Traffic to your website

Once your business is listed on the site, reach out to satisfied customers and encourage them to leave a review on your site. Don’t be tempted to cheat, however. You have to let your customer be honest when they leave their review. Don’t write it for them!

If you’re looking to leverage your network and boost traffic and sales, without cheating, it’s time to talk to Marylebone Marketing.

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