YEO Messaging App - The Last Bastion For Personal and Business Messaging Privacy

March 12th 2019

Alex Gash

CoFounder @ Marylebone

Facebook recently announced it is merging its messaging services. It will link together messaging for Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. As a result, the concerns around online privacy are coming into ever-sharper focus.

So, what are the alternatives if you want to keep out of the Facebook ecosystem? Marylebone-based YEO has released a new, secure messaging app that goes head-to-head with WhatsApp. The YEO app features facial recognition, encrypted texts and no adverts. It also has secure business and enterprise messaging features.

YEO’s founders are father-daughter team Alan E J Jones and Sarah Norford-Jones. Their app already has more than 5000 subscribers!

Visible When Using

Only your face is recognised

Everything connected in one place

Safe place for businesses

Hidden When Not

Content protected with your face

No access to any features when not verified

No data compromised

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