YEO App – Secure Private Messaging – Tech in Marylebone

YEO App – Secure Private Messaging – Tech in Marylebone

With Facebook announcing this week that it is merging its messaging services for Instagram, WhatsApp Inc. and Facebook Messenger, the future of privacy online is coming into ever-sharper focus.

So what are the alternatives, if you want to keep out of the Facebook ecosystem? Marylebone-based YEO has released a new, secure messaging app that aims to go head-to-head with WhatsApp. The app includes facial recognition, encrypted texts, no adverts and secure enterprise/business messaging tools.

The founders of YEO are father-daughter team Alan E J Jones and Sarah Norford-Jones. The App has already got over 5k subscribers!

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YEO App – father-daughter team Alan Jones and Sarah Norford-Jones

Visit the YEO website @ https://youreyeonly.com/

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