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VCs who share their insights on a regular basis are somewhat rare. But those who do are precious resources for us entrepreneurs. In this blog post, I am going to recommend some of the most influential voices in the world of venture capital.

They will help you improve your odds when pitching and negotiating with them, empowering you with the knowledge that will ultimately get your project funded. Good luck! 

Why Should You Listen to 🔊 VC’s?

Spot Opportunities

Inspiration for business opportunities can come from anywhere. An idea might be market, geography or technology-led. Listening to VCs who are hearing about the latest innovations, trends and business ideas is a great way of sparking ideas about new opportunities. 

Avoid Epic Fails

VCs have seen and heard it all before. They’ve been burnt, but they’ve also enjoyed successes.  Learn from their experiences to save you time and money. 

Since the stone age, innovators have had to try, try and try again until they found the solution. Whether inventing the wheel or having another crack at supersonic passenger air travel, the epistemic curiosity of man continues. (Look it up – I had to!)

Tomasz Tunguz 

VC / Managing Director

Redpoint Capital

SaaS is the future of business.  One of the leading thinkers in the SaaS community is Tomasz, the managing director at Redpoint Ventures. Tomasz focuses predominantly on data and financial metrics, sharing core insights into the way SaaS companies operate, improve customer loyalty, conversion rates and maximise ROI.

Harry Stebbings

Founder Stride VC &

The Twenty Minute VC

I have been following Harry Stebbings for a long time. Harry has amassed a cult following of entrepreneurs for his interview podcast ’20MinuteVC’ and has racked up some impressive stats, accumulating over 30m downloads, across over 2000 interviews over the past three and a half years since launch.

I love the format, the conversational style and the fact that Harry gets a wide range of excellent interviewees, like Jerry Chen Partner at Greylock, Sam Altman President at YCombinator and Peter Fenton General Partner at Benchmark.

You’ll get actionable insights and plenty of personal experience which makes it a great listen.

Fred Wilson

Blogger at AVC

Venture Capitalist at USV

Unlike Tomasz, who is focused on data and SaaS, Harry talks more about the experience of VCs and entrepreneurs.

Fred keeps on top of the latest trends and covers a broader church of current topics, from crypto to mobile. I recommend you signup to Fred’s email newsletter too.


Digital marketing is fascinating, complex and beautiful. It can also be a challenge. Platforms come and go, trends shift. It is a lot to keep up with. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I look forward to collaborating soon.


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