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Leap Motion – Introduces Virtual Wearables

The Marylebone team has been following the story of the VR/AR revolution since the launch of Oculus on Kickstarter back in 2012. Now the sector appears to be going throuh a massive R&D stage and making  big waves as the technology looks to change the way we interact with the world, do business and communicate with each other. It is now hotting up with the recent announcement of $400m of investment in Magic Leap by The Saudi Public Investment Fund and a massive $500m for Improbable a UK Unicorn that originated in Second Home Shoreditch. Finally, the team over at Leap Motion have received $50m from J.P Morgan Asset Managment.

 These three companies are flexing their technology muscle and all have a need to showcase product development, with big investments and a need to live upto the hype.

Take a look at the incredible creativity, innovation and design from the team over at Leap Motion with Creative Director/ VP of Design –  Keiichi Matsuda.


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