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Three Online Tools Your Business Needs

Three Essential Online Tools Your Business Should Use

By Alex Gash

Business is competitive –  we know. Digital marketing has to be one of the most highly competive sectors around, so here at Marylebone, we make sure that we’re on top of new tools and technologies to help us differentiate and be able to give our clients the best possible advice.

So here is a short ,but useful list of tools and techniques you should make sure are part of your core marketing efforts – no matter what industry or sector you’re in.

Online Chat

Online chat has become an essential part of our marketing strategy here at Marylebone.  No matter what your business, web visitors expect to be able to ask questions and get quick answers. Online chat solutions enhance the perception of your brand as accessible, helpful, friendly and up-to-dae with the latest marketing techniques.  A great chat solution also brings business efficiencies: less time on the phone, faster problem resolution and the ability to direct customers to the most relevant parts of your FAQ.

Finding the right solution is actually time-consuming and some solutions can be pretty expensive.  So review the pricing model carefully, especially as you start to scale.  So who do we use?

(AI Chatbot Solution)


Access to over £1.5bn people on Facebook via Messenger

Other solutions you should take a look at, depending on your business model are Intercom and Happy Fox.


CRM is the lifeblood of any organisation. Your sales teams depend on it and the future success of your company is benchmarked on the money flowsingthrough it. A well-oiled business machine has all departments talking to each other, with information available across senior management, marketing, sales and ops.

Whether you are a big business or a small business it doesn’t matter – you need a CRM solution that is easy-to-use and cost-effective.  With staff turnover on the rise – many people stay less than two years at a job – essential information needs to be banked and stored to create an essential knowledge-hub that can evolve, grow and be easily accessed. What system does Marylebone Marketing use? 

Email Marketing

Email marketing takes a significant investment in time, but is a great way to build your community and engage potential clients. If executed with the right strategy for your target audience: the appropriate frequency; an attractive design and plenty of actionable insights, you can keep your customers on-board and attract new ones. It’s a great way to highlight your wins, communicate your company culture and show why you’re passionate about what you do.

Keep things relevant, on topic and try to keep things simple. Emails can irritate people, so it is important to think about a number of things:

Press send at a time when your customers are not going to be busy.

Have a lead story, but add a number of other elements to ensure there is at least one piece of content that the reader could find useful.

Keep things short.

What does Marylebone Marketing use?

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