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Ideas Platform For Seed Ideas

Idea Seed – A Nifty Place To Store Your Ideas 💡

By Claire Pugsley


If you’re one of those people who has so many great (or not so great) ideas in your head that you’ve saturated your brain capacity and need somewhere to store them, Idea Seed could be the solution for you.  An ideas platform that’s the perfect place to plant the seed of your idea and gives it the chance to be nurtured and grow.

Getting from the idea stage through to the real deal is, without doubt, a long and difficult process; one that doesn’t happen overnight. But getting it down in black and white is a step in the right direction. If you manage to get a few ideas out, collating them all together where you can see them, can help spark further thoughts, brainwaves and permutations that could develop to make your seed idea even better.


What Does Idea Seed Do?

Immediate Feedback

A Handy Store For Ideas / Potential Projects

Public or Private Listings

Set The Degree of Originality / Difficulty


An idea planted on the site, which is sure to have a future is Boppr – the bar hopping app. If I can discover bars in Marylebone, plan a hopping route and save my favourites, all from my phone, I’m about to get downloading. You can even order an Uber to pick you up at the end, all from one place.

Idea Seed – The idea platform for seed ideas

The developers of Idea Seed are even offering the first 150 signups a lifetime of free access and ‘planting’. If you’re someone who thinks this is the solution for you and decide to give it a try, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Get Idea Seed

We will feature top products and new and exciting startups from around the web that will feature once a week. Check back to see what makes the next list.


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