Can your HR Stack help you win the War for Talent?

Managing talent as a small business or startup is a major challenge – start thinking about your HR stack from day one to help attract the right people to your business

Data…. We are all now part of the data revolution, whether working in Marketing, Sales or Management; dashboards have become a crucial part of all our workflows. But what about HR, where managing employee’s feelings and sentiment about the company; cohort analysis and reducing staff turnover are major challenges for HR professionals?

As a growing agency we are now recruiting, so sourcing the best HR stack to help manage our employees is becoming a priority. And whilst we need tool suites that are functional and can scale, we also look for innovation and the ability to keep our eyes firmly on our clients and our business, whilst also keeping our new team members happy and engaged.

Established SaaS platforms have focused on making operations within HR easier and these are crucial. One of the best of these tool suites is BreatheHR a cloud-based solution that helps manage day-to-day HR functions, including booking time off and managing absenteeism, in a simple-to-view dashboard. It is also a data store for files.

But there is a growing number of new HR platforms that go beyond the day-to-day HR management tools.  Two that we’re investigating are Sanctus and PeakOn. Why?

Firstly – it’s vital to get regular, timely feedback from team members to make sure that internal issues are dealt with quickly before they escalate out of control. PeakOn automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers the insights needed to improve your business in real time. It helps make sure individuals and teams are working smoothly and happily – optimising the potential of doing great work.  

Secondly – ensuring that you are creating an environment for maximum employee engagement and minimum mental health issues. We’re excited about Sanctus, described as ‘The Nike of Mental Health’.  Sanctus runs workshops, hold meetings and puts coaches into businesses when necessary. Why? Because life and work – especially at startups – is stressful and it really helps employees feel supported when they have access to a community, excellent learning tools and trained professionals when they need them.

Finding the very best HR stack to support your business is key. It’s tough to win the ‘War for Talent’ – and once you’ve found a great team member you don’t want to lose them. It’s expensive, disruptive and burns a lot of executive and team time recruiting and getting a new person up-to-speed.

Just take a look at the figures below – for the U.S admittedly – but still very scary numbers.  Can your business afford to lose its best people so quickly?  Time to take a look at the new HR platforms and see how they can help.

Here is the average tenure for employees at the top 10 tech companies (research by Business Insider)

Facebook: 2.02 years

Google: 1.90 years

Oracle: 1.89 years

Apple: 1.85 years

Amazon: 1.84 years

Twitter: 1.83 years

Microsoft: 1.81 years

Airbnb: 1.64 years

Snap Inc.: 1.62 years

Uber: 1.23 years


Is your marketing ready to tackle the tough war for talent ahead? 

Marylebone – Difference Marketing is helping up-and-coming technology startups as well as SMEs and listed companies to develop an employer brand that attracts the right talent to your business in this competitive world. Our team has more than 25 years’ experience across many sectors ranging from Telecoms, TV, Mobile Technologies, Mobile Apps, Space and AI/Data.

Digital marketing is fascinating, complex and beautiful. It can also be a challenge. Platforms come and go, trends shift. It is a lot to keep up with. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I look forward to collaborating soon.


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