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Radiooooo SuperCharges Your Music Discovery

The Marylebone team has fallen in love with an amazing little solution called Radiooooo a lovely music startup that is currently in BETA. In our opinion, it is creating the best historical catalogue of amazing music based on the song’s creation date; its speed and its country of origin.


A very simple, but effective idea. The solution also lets you travel to 8-bit Island to join Pacman and his friends in Gameboy land, or visit Aperitivo Island for some chilled out tunes while you mull over a dirty martini or two or three.

This guy agrees:


Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on how you get on with this magical little app.

I have built up an irrational love of 70’s and 80’s Colombian dance music…. now where are my maracasπŸ’ƒΒ ?Β  Radiooooo now feeds my addiction! Check it out for yourself and go back in time by clicking on the image below!

Radiooooo - The Music Time Machine App - Marylebone

Radiooooo music time machine app.


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