The Importance of Dreaming

Dreaming is what any entrepreneur does on a daily basis. Dreaming is what gets you up in the morning. Dreaming of what you’re aiming to achieve gets you through the pain of being an entrepreneur. I have recently co-founded Marylebone Difference Marketing and I love helping clients achieve their dreams. It is one of the most rewarding parts of the job as an agency founder.

Types of Dreams?

You can have good dreams😇, naughty dreams🏩, creative dreams🎨, psychedelic dreams🌿 the list goes on.People talk about personal goals? People talk about dreams. I like to talk about personal dreams!

Firstly what are your dreams? (I have three)

  • Grow Marylebone. Help founders and in-house marketers achieve, grow and excel.
  • Build my own startup (not public yet)
  • Retire at 55 and follow the World Surf League (WSL)

My Definition of Entrepreneurship is:

Award for World’s Best Dreamer (and Implementor):

Elon Musk

Musk is the Tony Stark of this earthly realm. One of the founders of PayPal at the right time in the early days of the internet, he made a fortune $1.5bn 🤑 when he sold it to Ebay.

Over the past few years, he has turned his attention to transport – both earthly and intergalactic! Now this South African-born immigrant to America is transforming the space industry with SpaceX, superfast intercity travel with Hyperloop idea and making eco-friendly cars supercool with Tesla and building the next generation of city transport with The Boring Company. Just one of those businesses would be a major challenge and achievement to run – Musk is running all four!

Space X

  • Lunar Base
  • Mars Base
  • City-2-City travel (any city across the globe in under 40 min)

When talking about a slide about his aim to go to Mars in 5 years he says:

that’s not a typo it is aspirational



  • Fastest mass production road car on the market
  • $10bn in pre-orders in two days (record for any product) – Model 3
  • Entire Feet – Electric Only

Elon Musk has big dreams for the Tesla Model 3


  • Building 10 Globally
  • To support and meet the whole of the world’s energy needs by capturing sustainable energy through batteries.
  • Gigafactory 1 currently covers 3,000 acres of land.

The Boring Company

  • Building Tunnels over Roads
  • Superfast inter-city transport
  • Reducing congestion


  • Building superfast intercity transport
  • Competition focused seeding the dream for entrepreneurs to deliver results
  • London to Exeter 21mins, London to Birmingham 16min. (see how long your commute would take)

Where would we be without dreams?

Progress is a main driver of the human psyche and that progress is driven by dreams – backed by self-belief and a willingness to strive on into the unknown.

Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, James Dyson – they all started with a dream. We all want to be better people, go faster, build better, be stronger, be more efficient, explore more or travel further. In fact – we want to change the world and ourselves.

Need Help With Your Company’s Dream?

Marylebone – Difference Marketing is helping up-and-coming technology startups as well as SMEs and listed companies make their dreams a reality. Our team has more than 25 years’ experience across many sectors ranging from Telecoms, TV, Mobile Technologies, Mobile Apps, Space and AI/Data.

Let us know how we can help you make your dreams a reality! 

Digital marketing is fascinating, complex and beautiful. It can also be a challenge. Platforms come and go, trends shift. It is a lot to keep up with. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I look forward to collaborating soon.


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