Marylebone Marketing Tech Update #3 – Flying Cars, Hurricane Irma and Pouch

Welcome to Marylebone Marketing’s Tech Update #3



We are a team of passionate marketers, technologists and designers focused on getting the best results for our clients and partners. A new agency focused on delivering digital and print campaigns, new or improved websites and eCommerce platforms and technology solutions that help you reach a local, national and global audience. Here are some of the biggest stories in tech and beyond we’d like to share with you from our tech update.

Travelling like the Jetsons


Like most people who watched Cartoon Network when they were younger (and those at Marylebone Marketing that used to work at the channel) know and love the Jetsons, a tight knit family living in a world where the future had already arrived. Well, now we can all feel like The Jetsons as German company Lilium brings us the future today after receiving $90m in funding to further develop its all-electric Lilium Jet – which features vertical take-off and landing, like a helicopter. The age of on-demand air travel is nearer than we think!


Hurricane Irma

I had just started my A-Levels in geography when the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was all over the news in August 2005. I remember being fascinated by the way storms are created and how they can cause devastation through something as simple as pressure differences.

Hurricane Irma is supposed to be a one-in-1000 year storm, but the last one-in-1000 year storm happened just over a week ago. So what is happening in this mixed up world? Well most people believe that Global Warming is a real thing and while Donald Trump plays golf and the EPA has a climate change sceptic in charge, the rest of the world wakes up to the fact that this might a sign of future Hurricane seasons to come.

I have been tracking the storm using a solution called Windy, which helps users understand how storm systems are formed through the different data layers (rain, wind, pressure, temperature, and waves) that are powering what has become the strongest storm in recorded history.


Please go and support the British Red Cross in this link to donate to the appeal for those who have been impacted by Irma. Or click on the photo below.


Save Money With Pouch

Pouch is all about saving money. More money in your pocket is a good thing. It means you can donate more to charity👆🏽.

Here at Marylebone Marketing, our team all use Pouch. It means we can save money without having to trawl through Google to find one of the 100s of different voucher code sites that make you feel like your head is about to explode. As most of the links simply DON’T WORK or have expired.👿

I downloaded it about four months ago and I have probably saved a couple of hundred pounds at least. Take a look at their intro video below:


To view more tech updates click here; Or if you would like to get in touch with one of our team to discuss how we might be able to help you with marketing, communications, accelerating your sales or developing new technologies, please fill out the form and one of the founders will get in touch. Thanks for reading our tech update #3.


Digital marketing is fascinating, complex and beautiful. It can also be a challenge. Platforms come and go, trends shift. It is a lot to keep up with. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I look forward to collaborating soon.


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