Jimmy Wales on how WikiTribune is countering #FakeNews

During a surprising and fascinating interview between Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and comedian Stewart Lee. Held at The School of Life #HeroesTalk, Jimmy Wales revealed that he is deep into his new project – WikiTribune.

Outlining how he is a big fan of Lee’s long, set-piece comedy with an intellectual approach, Jimmy Wales made the case for freedom of expression and protection from blasphemy laws in both comedy and news.
 The discussion also gave him a chance to air his genuine and rising fears about the disturbing growth in fake news and ‘alt-facts’ which has led Jimmy Wales to create a brand new platform – Wikitribune

 ‘a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together. We want to make sure that you read fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events. And stories can be easily verified and improved.’ – Jimmy Wales

Three core tenets will make Wikitribune different to any other news platform.

  1. Journalists will write articles based on facts that they can verify and readers will be able to see their sources.
  2. WikiTribune is 100% ad-free and free to all readers. So no undue influence by advertisers or unconscious bias from the journalists; wondering if they are going to get in trouble from the ad sales department, if they write a negative story.
  3. In addition, the reader community is just as important as the on-site journalists.

 ‘articles are authored, fact-checked, and verified by professional journalists and community members; working side by side as equals’. – Jimmy Wales, WikiTribune

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Using his vast experience of setting-up donations-based Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. Who confesses to being a  ‘terrible businessman’, is also banking on subscribers and donors to ensure WikiTribune has a base of 10 professional journalists on-staff. Today, the site boasts 11,146 supporters and all 10 journalists funded.

As the co-founder of Marylebone Marketing, representing clients who need fair and factual representation in the media and a long-time PR and Marketing expert who has promoted and launched television news channels – including CNN International, NBC and CNBC Europe – I am excited to see this new platform and business model make its way into the world. I really hope it will help counter the rise of FakeNews and pierce the news filter bubble.

You can check out Jimmy Wales, Wikitribune for yourself here. Or enter your details below and one of the Marylebone team will be in touch.

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