Digital Village – Top Workspaces In Marylebone

Located just north of Oxford Street nestles one of the best areas for food, wine, relaxing coffee shops and up and coming co-working spaces. The area is emerging as the Marylebone ‘Digital Village,’ a quiet gem away from the more intensely crowded areas of Soho, Camden and Shoreditch, but with plenty going on.

Here are some of Marylebone – Difference Marketing recommendations when you next visit the Marylebone Digital Village.

  1. The Koppel Project 

The Koppel Project

Located on Baker Street, a cool mix-location that is part coffee shop, part art gallery and bookshop, part co-working space and part nail and beauty shop.

Koppel is a bright, collaborative space where techies, marketers and lovers of fine coffee congregate. Upstairs is a co-working space available from £10 a day that will help you get business done. The in-house team is lovely and the coffee is incredible.  The only downside to its popularity is the limited number of  power sockets downstairs – so arrive early to get yourself a spot – or fully-charged!

The creativity continues downstairs, with a small pop-up gallery that changes every two months. Most recent residencies have included fisherman turned artist Jose Nava, Liam Sy Paquemar and Sol Bailey Barker.

Check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can find directions here.

The Koppel Project - Marylebone - Baker Street

2. The Monocle Cafe

Monocle Cafe

Based on Chiltern Street, opposite the famous Chiltern Firehouse, The Monocle Cafe is a stylish haven for hipsters and fashionistas alike.

With some of the best coffees in town and part of the Monocle brand family, championed by the fantastic Tyler Brúle. The coffee shop has a quiet collaborative space downstairs and at the back on the ground floor is a small lounge area ideal for meetings.

If you fancy a tipple they serve classic aperitives and alcohol in the afternoon.  Food is served throughout the day.  Don’t forget to saunter into the stylish Trunk Clothiers/ Trunk Labs mens’ clothes stores too on your way. And say hi to Tyler if you see him!

Check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can find directions here.

3. Starbucks – Baker Street

You never know who you might meet IMG_2874at a Starbucks. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had some of my most productive and interesting chance meetings in this Starbucks.  Not the greatest coffee, but you don’t go to Starbucks to drink the coffee – for me it is a place to get work done and avoid distractions.

But if you do start chatting to the person sitting near, then you may be in for a surprise – you’ll meet people from all walks of life – from financiers to gym trainers and the ubiquitous students. Everyone has a unique story and listening over a Starbucks could change your life – you never know!

The music is ok, there is free wifi and you can always get a table so don’t knock it. Also, one of the baristas, Thomas, is a lovely bloke with a great smile and I suspect he is the most connected man in Marylebone!

You can find directions here.

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